UAE Ministry of Economy opens up new headquarters in the Metaverse

The UAE Ministry of Economy is pushing into the Metaverse with the announcement of a third address where anyone in the world can visit the Metaverse.

The announcement was made on September 28 by UAE Minister of Economy Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri during the Dubai Metaverse Assembly, with the minister stating, 

“This is not a proof of concept, this is our third address”.

The headquarters will feature several stories, serving different purposes. Guests will need to gain a ticket, thereby prompting a security agent at the customer service center to visit the Metaverse and participate in the visitor’s experience.

The new headquarters will not only complement the nonprofit’s existing offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai but also the agencies’ two previous locations. 

These locations will enable the ministry to place digital services at the forefront of its operations as a result of directives that emanated from UAE leadership.

Visitors can log in to the headquarters’ website to sign legally binding documents, which eliminates the need for them to visit a physical location for their signatures.

The headquarters includes an auditorium with videoconferencing capabilities that will help hold virtual conferences and other events and rooms that can permit viewing of a screen by multiple individuals.

On July 18, Dubai’s government announced that its Metaverse strategy aims to create 40,000 new roles by 2030, supporting the government’s objective of tripling the number of blockchain companies.

The big question now is; whether will Dubai be diverting its investments from tourism and recreation to decentralized web3 spaces and metaverse projects or there will be a balance?

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