Trade, Save, Swap Crypto With Trust & Be Digitally Wired

The Copaly custodial wallet is an idea that takes the financial structure and turns it into an economic freedom system. Leveraging on the Blockchain Technology, we have created a nitch, an alternative payment ecosystem that is scalable, efficient, accessible & encompassing with global security standard.

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Copaly Wallet

Set up your custodialwallet, begin trading BTC + 150 more from anywhere in the world.



Vault lets you save and invest in crypto. Get up to 10% APY on your stable coin savings.



When business meets crypto, then you are global. Accept crypto for goods & services.


Next Of kin

Now you can WILL your crypto assets to your benefitiaries with a sharing formula feature.

Use money, save money, get Copaly

Save up to 2x when you send crypto using Copaly wallet, spend and withdraw 40 currencies, all in one account.

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Accept crypto payment & Do Business Globally

Copaly is an all-in-one ensuite platform for anyone to jump-start thire crypto journey or accept cryptocurrency easily for business — BTC & upto 150 assets, convert payout to stable coin like USDT/USDC, Auto-withdraw to your bank after checkout, Security centered — and everything in between.

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Buy Bitcoin

Learn how to buy Bitcoin and other crypto & when to buy using the Dollar Cost Average.

How to buy crypto

Estimate market data using crypto estimator & buy using various payment methods available

Trading Guide

All principles that guides the trading on the copaly platform including the rules of fees, min and max purchase per trading pairs.

Videos Guide

More video on new ways to use the copaly app for a better expirence are available via our YouTube channel.