Crypto culture

It’s not just cryptocurrency exchange, for us at Copaly it has now become a way of life

Embrace the power of
financial fairness

Copaly mobile app instant save, and trading dashboard screens

Our Passion

We are passionate about what we do through our products and services thereby building a digital ecosystem of financial fairness, efficiency, transparency with secure access to swift transmission of crypto transactions.

How the journey all started.

It all started 2020 as a dream, but here we are making waves, as we continue to explore Africa with our intuitive ideas, but we are not giving up as more is yet to come, just keep an open eye on copaly.

Together we create and expand our vision

An idea that takes the parts of a structure and turns them into a whole system.

Knwnowlage Base

Buy Bitcoin

Learn how to buy Bitcoin and Alt coing using & when to buy using the Dollar Cost Average.

How to buy crypto

Estimate market data using crypto estimator & buy using various payment methods available

Trading Guide

All principles that guides the trading on the copaly platform including the rules of fees, min and max purchase per trading pairs.

Videos Guide

More video on new ways to use the copaly app for a better expirence are available via our YouTube channel.