The fast coming 33rd edition of Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) hosted by Apple Inc has raised a lot of speculation and suspense thrilling news. Tech giant Apple has detailed news on showcasing the development of new software models and four new devices. The new software models to be revealed are iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey and watchOS 8.

The Worldwide Developers Conference which will be held online between the 6th to 10th of June will feature some of the world leading experts and advocates in the digital industry. The NFT community confidently thinks there are high chances of Apple into the web 3.0 space with news of Apple NFT Trading Cards.

Pre Web3 Elements

At the WWDC, these trading cards are proposed to be stationed like Web2 elements but primarily for only collectible purposes without any tradable or intrinsic value attached. This caused no need for surprise as CEO Tim Cook already mentioned the adoption of augmented reality and investment in tech merging sectors.

Publicity isn’t underscored as the giant forum MacRumours made a discovery. It was discovered that clicking on the Memoji characters featured an augmented reality mode and three (3) NFT trading card characters available to b claimed. As the company acknowledged cultural affiliating for mascot brand marketing and memes, Memoji maintains it spot as a consumer branding strategy.

Twitter community never disappoints as spaces on web3 projects and Apple IOS has being talked about subjects.

Frankly though, Apple Inc. is yet to confirm press release and statements about its entry into the NFT space but speculations are high and seems highly positive. VR and AR functionality headset are already in development all summing to an easy Memoji segment in the coming years.

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